Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Use Me, God

Use me, God, in thy great harvest field,
Which stretchest far and wide like a wide sea;
The gatherers are so few; I fear the precious yield
Will suffer loss. Oh, find a place for me!
A place where best the strength I have will tell:
It may be one the older toilers shun;
Be it a wide or narrow place, ‘tis well
So that the work it holds be only done.

—Christina G. Rossetti

This poem is a daily reading as offered by the PCUSA.

It hits close to home.

I have an interview for an interim chaplain position this coming Sunday; I have also been in conversation with a church that is in need of a temporary supply pastor while they complete their pastoral search.

It has been more than six months since I was gainfully employed. (I joke with people that the fact that I have a blog is a bright red sign of how badly I need a job. The truth is, I imagine blogging will continue to be a part of my life.)

Even at the same time I feel how acutely I am ready to work, I am aware how evervating the experience of being without work can be. I feel a great fatigue, even as I am hoping for some work to both A. awaken my energies, and B. throw my (seemingly nonexistent) energies into. (Sorry about that dangling preposition. I am too tired to try to figure out how to pretzel that sentence.)

Therefore I pray. Use me, God.


more cows than people said...

may a call open up soon... you have wonderful gifts and energies to share.

steve westby said...

I can do little more than echo more cows on this one (now that would be an odd sentence without context, wouldn't it?!) =)

But seriously, your blog makes it clear how much you have to offer. I rarely leave reading your posts without having gained some insight or perspective, without feeling nourished or encouraged.