Friday, November 24, 2006


There is another brand new color of blue here this morning as I prepare to hit the road. I wish I could describe its clarity, its sense of uplift and height, the way it draws the eyes to the heavens.

This is where I learned about God.

My time with my Dad has been good. Beyond good.

The waters receded. The streets are dry. It is a new day.

Many thanks to those who kept us in their prayers and hearts. Many thanks to those I love who don't pray particularly much, but who never stopped thinking about me while I was here.

Drive safely everyone. Keep giving thanks...


more cows than people said...

dear mags,

sounds like its been quite a week. so glad to here that time with dad, in the midst of and in the fall out of a storm, was blessed and has brought you gratitude.

safe travels.
love, more cows

will smama said...

Still giving thanks... like for you!