Wednesday, October 08, 2008

OK, Could We Have the Election, Um, Tomorrow Please?

Because I am mighty tired... bone and spirit tired... of all this.

My guy looked good last night, but he... like not-my-guy... was essentially repeating memorized speeches, all of which I heard verbatim at the first debate.

The moment for which I was grateful was when my guy was finally forced to answer the question: "Health care: a privilege, a right or a responsibility?"

And he finally, blessedly, said, "A right." Thank you Senator.

And here's the best commentary on that issue: thanks to my friend Jane R at Acts of Hope. Theologian Mary Hunt says, we should have health care not because we have a job, but because we have bodies. Amen to that.

Bring out the polling booths.


Sarah S-D said...

yeah... wasn't our guy discouraging last night??? he wasn't on point as well as he had been before. he was playing the nastiness game. and he wasn't telling me anything new. i was so sad after the debate.

you're right though- the answer to the health care question was good.


steve said...

I hear you. But I must admit, sheepishly, that I do enjoy seeing the Republican party squirm under the current political climate. It sure looks like they're going to get defeated pretty soundly -- with Dems getting the presidency and possibly filibuster-proof majorities in congress.

Still, I look forward to getting the election over with -- and actual progress being made in our country.

Gannet Girl said...

Sigh. Agreed.

mompriest said...

health care in this country is an atrocity....its awful....and all for profit....which just seems to be wrong...people or companies making a profit off our illness, or the potential for...

mostly I found the debate to be just boring...which was very sad...