Friday, October 03, 2008

Indigo Girls in Concert, 9-30-08

Tuesday night saw Petra, BFF and myself driving more than two hours away to see Teh Girls in concert... my fourth time, Petra's second, BFF's first. Oh my. Why are they so wonderful?

The opening act was Kathleen Edwards, of whom I will admit I have never heard before. She was fabulous... I highly recommend her album, Asking for Flowers, from which she played most of her set. She was personable, funny, and a kickass guitar-player.

After that, it was just Amy, Emily, a large assortment of guitars, mandolins and at least one banjo, and Julie Wolfe on keyboards and accordion. Amazing.

Here's their set list.

Pendulum Swingers
Fill it Up Again
Heartache for Everyone
Power of Two
Dairy Queen
Let it Be Me
Hope Alone
Money Made You Mean
Get Out the Map
Shame on You
Prince of Darkness

...a fabulous assortment of recent and vintage Girls music. Then two numbers from the new album that will be released in February:

Sugar Tongue (which, I believe, is about fascism... fabulous Amy song)
Fleet of Hope (beautiful allegorical love song by Emily)

... Then Amy sang this one from her new album, Didn't It Feel Kinder:

Stand and Deliver

And the remainder of the set:

Land of Canaan
Closer to Fine

Followed by encores

Hide Yourself

The beautiful Smith Opera House was packed with a mostly appreciative, respectful audience. One woman who was clearly drunk started yelling because they declined to do a request (they didn't do ours either: Three County Highway). She was escorted out. Other folks showed that the whole boundary issue between themselves and Teh Girls was... challenging for them, shall I say?

But there's nothing like dancing to Galileo at the end of a fabulous night.


Anonymous said...

Drooling here! We saw them in 1988. That's much too long ago.

Iris said...

So glad you got to go, Mags- and with your daughter! I'm raising a young Indigo Girls fan, too. At four years old, she knows every word to "Watershed."

They were here a couple of months ago, but I had no money. Shoot! Last time I saw them was in Denver in 1999 at Lilith Fair. Incredible!

Wyldth1ng said...