Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Day Back

I went in to the office today for the first time since Youth Group on Friday night October 17. The hardest thing, honestly, was getting up at 6:45. That hurt. I'm off the pain meds, and I decided: Hey, Preacher! Leave that couch alone. So off I went.

L, my fabulous and sweet administrative assistant drove me, even though according to my surgeon I was good to go, driving-wise. But the beauty of this plan was L's schedule: 8:30 Am- Noon, not a moment longer, because she is in class in the afternoon. So when she left, I left. See how smart I can be?

I was happy to see everyone, they seemed pretty happy to see me. The church email account had 605 messages in it (that's the one that holds the subscriptions to two lists for preaching types). I was able to rustle up most of a bulletin for Sunday. By 11 AM... my drass was aggin'. I couldn't believe I had only been there two and a half hours; it felt like I'd run a marathon.

Left with L at noon as scheduled. Came home, had some lunch and collapsed. Later I went through mountains of mail, but I'm not writing any checks tonight. I'm tired.

Off to knit (a sweater I'm trying to have finished for Petra for Christmas) and watch several episodes of "House" I haven't seen. Because, you know, maybe there's something else I'll get.


Choralgirl said...

U R A funny lady. :-)

Day One down...

LittleMary said...

you knit? How have i known not about this?