Friday, October 31, 2008


Obsessive-Compulsive Election Disorder. I've got it.

I start and end the day at How are Nate Silver's numbers today? If That One's electoral votes are down from the day before, I go into a veritable funk, and no coffee can lift me out of it. Then on to Yahoo's Election Dashboard, for another electoral vote projection. Then, maybe a dash over to HuffPo, just to see what tabloid-worthy (but progressive!) items I can find there. Then, if I really want to scare myself, I might sneak a peak at the Ugh Report. I return to the fresh air of the Grey Lady, and then glance real quick at Real Clear Politics. Then... maybe Nate has crunched some more numbers, so back to Fivethirtyeight....

This goes on All. The. Live. Long. Day. Whether I'm trying to write a sermon (remember those? It's been weeks!) or balance my checkbook, the above routine is repeated, oh, every fifteen to twenty minutes. I can feel the brain cells starting to slip out... they're thinning, like hair. They're fleeing! They're seeking sanctuary in friendlier countries!

This all started during my convalescence. But I can't blame my gall bladder. Because this is a snapshot of me, every four years. Slowly going insane. And the last time I went to bed happy on election night? It's been twelve years, people. Twelve loooooonnnnnnnnng years.

Let's get this thing over with. Shall we? My church needs me. My family needs me. My leaves need me.

But... just another quick look at Nate's numbers... I think there might be something there.

Graphic courtesy of... you guessed it!...


Choralgirl said...

(eyerolling, nodding, deep sigh)

Yeah, me too.

Four days.

Four days left.

LittleMary said...

you really should talk to your therapist about this.

Songbird said...

I am right there, Mags. Except I don't read the Ugh. Too aggravating. And I hear his influence on "the story" has declined, according to Halperin, as referenced by Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish. (Yes, I am laughing at my chain of evidence.)

Amy said...

I too suffer from OCED, but I didn't know about some of these sites so THANKS A BUNCH for telling me about them.

I also suffer from OCDD. Obsessive Compulsive Dow Disorder, or the need to hit refresh on MSNBC about 1000 times a day, to see what the dow does. I've completely lost it. Or, I'm avoiding my OT exegesis.

FranIAm said...

I am so with you on this one.

These will be four long days and then what if... No I will not allow the thought.

He must win.

Jan said...

I'm looking there, too. Thanks.