Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Sleepless Night

... worrying about this storm, and whether we should A. postpone the cantata, or even B. cancel church. We are doing neither. We are going forward, at the risk that we may be singing the Vaughan Williams Magnificat for 10 people.

Does anyone else fret about this stuff?


Barbara B. said...

Wow, that's difficult! If I were in your position I would definitely fret about those things. (But I'm an optometrist so...)

more cows than people said...

darlin' yes.

i'll blog about it soon, but quickly... figured on going ahead, baptism and all, because it was not a problem for me to get to church and my folks just don't come if it isn't safe- in general they find all sorts of reasons not to come even on a nice day. got a call this morning from the wife of our snow blower trying to guilt me into cancelling so he could wait until the storm passed to clear our entry ways. i didn't cave.

but then i felt awful.

but... i'm glad i made the call i did for several reasons.

Pastor Peters said...

we didn't cancel either --- which actually has me really annoyed as i don't feel confident about putting so many young families on the road just so that the pageant doesn't get canceled.

it's my anger though. we were the only church open in our area and that really frustrated me.

i wish i was as sing songy as more cows. but i'm just not. sadly. bah humbug (she says making fun of herself).