Friday, October 26, 2007


... is the fourth anniversary of my ordination.

I like very much what I wrote last year.

Of course, now I have the more recent memory of my installation to add to the memory of my ordination. But nothing (short of giving birth or finding the love of my life) beats the memory of that ordination day. My heart soared.


Mother Laura said...

Congratulations, dear friend. I checked out last year's piece, which is lovely, and am so glad that the better plans God had for you are flourishing even more this year.

Another possible Catholic trace, though it may be just me--the beautiful picture of the light streaming into your cupped hands makes me remember when the oil was poured into mine. That, along with the prostration, was the personal high point of my priesting. Laying on of hands didn't feel really powerful till the episcopal consecration, when I could finally have a say on getting laypeople to take part. Though happily Nicholas spontaneously did so at the diaconal ordination and they didn't kick him out. He also knelt by me and took all the ordination vows :-). I love raising kids who know that they are full members of the CHristian community.

Wyldth1ng said...

Do you eat cake for that?

Magdalene6127 said...

Laura, thanks for pointing out that lovely connection.

Wyld, I didn't, but I should have! Maybe I'll get some today...


Diane said...

oh! happy ordination anniversery. Such a special day. I'm sorry I missed it. Mine was July 16, 1994. So I'm old.

I'll be checking out your piece from last year too.