Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Seen in the News this Morning; Itty Bitty Lectionary Musings

Here are some items that caught my attention as I ate my breakfast.

The New York Times is beginning an occasional series on the US justice system, highlighting things we USans take for granted which are actually unique in the world. They begin with this piece on our practice of sentencing adolescents to prison for life without chance of parole.

New evidence of another massacre is found in Darfur.

This piece looks at research about the connection between healthful eating and TV viewing, specifically, the practice of eating while watching TV.

And in local news... a local city councilman is embodying an all-time high (or, perhaps, low) in ass-hattery, even for himself. He wants the city to pass an ordinance that would place signs on the homes of registered sex-offenders.

Pray with me... let's be the widow, pounding at heaven's gate for our just Judge to act. Or... let's live into that other interpretation, the one in which God is the widow crying for justice, and we are the ones in need of conversion. How much more?


Wyldth1ng said...

I believe we (Americans) are trying to create hell on earth, which some of us will have to battle to the end of our lives. Those of us against it may end up favorable in God's eyes, some which will reach the other side by teh path we chose in the fight. It is human nature that we destroy ourselves. And since Americans like to finish first in something, that is why we are leading the pack in our destruction.

Or maybe I am dreaming, and none of that is really true.

Magdalene6127 said...

It feels true to me.

Diane said...

both interpretations are true. we DO need to be converted, don't we? will God find faith on the earth?

and wyldth1ng...
so profound