Friday, October 05, 2007

Nine Theses on the Interpretation of Scripture: Thesis One

Thesis One: Scripture truthfully tells the story of God’s action of creating, judging, and saving the world. — The Scripture Project, “Nine Theses on the Interpretation of Scripture” in The Art of Reading Scripture, Ellen Davis & Richard Hays, eds.

The folks who bring us the daily readings (he Company of Pastors, of the PCUSA) are offering these nine theses for our consideration. The Scripture Project, as I understand it, was an attempt to end the fragmentation of the interpretation of scripture across the theological disciplines. (See review here for more information.)

It is hard to find fault with this first thesis. (That was an interesting way to put it, wasn't it?) What I like about this statement is the way in which it leaves all sorts of (sorry, gotta be truthful here) wiggle room. Reminds me of the famous Presbyterian statement that scripture contains all things necessary for salvation, to which the liberal theologian replies, "Yeah, that plus a whole lot of other crap."

I do believe scripture truthfully tells the story of God's relationship with humankind, from the human perspective, and with glints of insight into the godly perspective. I believe that scripture is full of good news for everyone... that God loved us into being and continues to love us in ongoing acts of creation, calling to accountability and redemption.

That does not, however, translate to scripture telling the "truth" about nuclear physics, the intricacies of the human genome, dinosaur fossils or any number of things. Scripture is capable of telling the truth without being mistaken for a science textbook.

I know. I'm preaching to the choir.


Iris said...

I love how you think, Mags!

Diane said...

me, too!

don't eat alone said...

The end of the Bible, however, is not the end of the story. God is not finished creating, judging, or saving just yet.