Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Song for Advent

Song of Hope (to the tune of Spered Hollvedel)

We’ve walked in the darkness so long
We’ve made our home in the night
We’ve sung our laments and our songs
We’ve pined away for the light
And slowly a candle flickers
Into a burning flame
And the hope of the world returns
Immanuel is his name

A sorrow has burdened our hearts
A yoke has weighed us down
We’ve felt our oppressors’ rod
We’ve lived beneath his frown
But now the boots of warriors
All will be burned in fire
Now rises the peace beyond words
Now rises our hearts’ desire

O Wisdom, come visit again
O Flower of Jesse bloom
O Key that opens all doors
Come make in our hearts a room
O Dawn that is ever radiant
Kindle in us your flame
O Ruler of all come in
And bind us all in your name


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more cows than people said...

ooh... i don't know this tune... you're going to have to teach me on friday. can't wait!