Friday, August 22, 2008

Blogger Meet-Up!

A brief quiz:

Guess who is even lovelier in real life than in her fetching blog-shot? And who is utterly hospitable, serving a rockin' cup of coffee to vagrant wanderers (as well as maple syrup donuts)?

Guess who is even funnier in real life than in her fabulous writing? And whose son is going to be a kickin' drum major one day?

Home, and happy, after a wonderful time with J., long-term soul-friend, and a wonderful meet-up with the above-mentioned bloggers. * Happy Sigh *


Songbird said...

So good to meet you! And what a nice compliment. Apparently the drummer is a good photographer, too, so I hope we'll eventually get a copy.

Diane said...

so glad you two got to meet. meet ups are so fun!