Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nothing Too Wondrous

Courtesy of the Presbyterian News Service, this bit of hope for the church I love:

The Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow, 39, an energetic new church development pastor in San Francisco and leader in the "emergent church" movement, was elected moderator of the 218th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Saturday night (June 21), capturing a second ballot victory.

Reyes-Chow — who received 48 percent of the first ballot votes — won an easy majority on the second ballot with 390 votes or 55 percent.

The Rev. William “Bill” Teng of National Capital Presbytery finished second with 255 votes or 36 percent. The Rev. D. Carl Mazza of New Castle Presbytery finished third with 52 votes or 7 percent. Elder Roger Shoemaker of Homestead Presbytery trailed with seven votes or 1 percent.

Reyes-Chow is pastor of Mission Bay Community Church, an innovative new church of San Francisco Presbytery that was recently named winner of a 2007 Sam and Helen Walton Award for outstanding new church development. In his address to the Assembly, he noted that he makes as many pastoral calls by email as by in-person visitation.

Such is the future of ministry, Reyes-Chow said. Mission Bay has a state-of-the-art Web site and extensive electronic communications among members and participants, which he said is absolutely essential for a congregation that is predominantly under-40...

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My favorite quote of Bruce's from last evening perfectly captures why I supported him for moderator:

In both his speech and his responses to questions, Reyes-Chow reiterated over and over his belief that “nothing is too hard or too wondrous for God. If the church steps out in faith rather than clinging to survival, to be more intent on being faithful than on being right, to be together based on our common covenant in Jesus Christ rather than by property or pensions, then we will be able to live into a future in which we are a vital and vibrant presence in the world.”

Nothing too wondrous. Nothing.


FranIAm said...

"Nothing too wondrous" is so beautifully put.

I am called to see this from a very high vantage, a great vista of church.

When one zooms out and takes in the whole of creation as such, nothing is too wondrous and do we not see this in all manner of things both great and small?

Oh Magdalene, this is a beautiful meditation for this Sunday and I am deeply grateful for it.

And what I am also deeply grateful for is to see new life in your church, in all of our churches.

May it be so.

Sue said...

"Nothing too wondrous" - Amen indeed!

Songbird said...

What an inspiring and inspired thing to say!

cheesehead said...

This news makes me tremendously hopeful!

Iris said...

Me too!