Friday, September 08, 2006

Petra! Is (almost) 14!

Yes. It's true. My youngest (if you only have two, perhaps it's younger) turns 14 tomorrow, beautiful young lady that she has become. She's having one of those three-day extravaganzas (said like Phoebe Buffay); dinner and a movie with BFF and me tonight, party with her friends tomorrow night, and dinner with her Dad and his SO Sunday night. My parents always said my birthday went on and on, like a Polish wedding. So the tradition continues.

Last night Petra and I were looking for a monologue for me. Stepping out of my comfort zone (i.e., Gilbert and Sullivan plays), I am trying out for a local theater company which is holding general auditions in a few weeks. We ended up reading aloud to one another from the book for "A Little Night Music," which we both adore, and we even ended up singing a duet of "Every Day a Little Death." I love Madame Armfeldt! Choice quote: "To lose a lover or even a husband or two during the course of one's life can be vexing. But to lose one's teeth is a catastrophe. Bear that in mind, child, as you chomp so recklessly into that gingersnap... More champagne, Frid. One bottle the less of the Mumms '87 will not, I hope, diminish the hilarity at my wake."

I want to say two things.

First. How amazing it is to have children (think of Larry-O in Big City U, acting his butt off!) who share a passion with me, something that really bonds us and helps us to get each other. I suspect they think my profession (professional religious bloviator) is vaguely intriguing, but also sort of an embarrassment. But we connect in the place where there is music and theater. I have tried deliberately to foster an environment unlike my experience growing up, with loving parents who appreciated my talents and interests to a point, but who tried desperately to steer me away from the arts because it was an unstable, undependable living. They tried to get me to go to medical school. Someone suggested recently that my choice of ministry is a kind of middle place between what they wanted and what I wanted. I am not sure I believe that... I feel wholeheartedly called to my work. But it's an interesting thought.

And second. Happy Birthday to my beautiful, funny as hell, private, talented, horse-riding, flute-playing, soprano-singing, Gilmore Girls-loving girl. Happy, happy birthday.


PeaceBang said...

Charlotte is a dream role for me, and someday, Madame A. "Liaisons" constantly knocks me out with its brilliance.

What G&S show are you auditioning for? They don't really need a monologue, do they? For G&S?

Magdalene6127 said...

Me too! I want to do Charlotte! Isn't it interesting-- not Desiree!

It's not a G & S audition. In recent years I've done Ruth and Mad Margaret. This is going out of my comfort zone because it's not G & S! It's a general audition for a playhouse that has a season of 6 plays/ year, just one musical. So it's a little different from what I've done lately!