Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Country Club

Remember this dream? Hmmm. I thought not. Anyway----

Petra has just climbed into what she called a "ridiculously comfortable bed" in a guest room at what USED to be the Country Club in aforementioned dream, but what is now-- a Marriott. (I know. In the wake of Prop 8... good people all over this nation are boycotting Marriotts. And here I sit, with my wireless access, in the biggest hotel room I've ever been in.).

We are home in the state of my childhood for Thanksgiving. When these plans were originally drawn up, my brother and his family were planning to join us, and because that would mean too many people for the beds and rooms in my dad's house, I offered to stay here with Larry and Petra. (I think all this happened within a couple of weeks of the dream.) Alas, big bro and his family decided to come at Christmas instead (we'll be here then too). But my dad insisted we stay here anyway. Fair 'nuff.

As I walked into the reception area (which is very changed from my childhood) there was still an air of the old moneyed place I remember. Petra and I pressed our noses up against the glass doors to the dining room, and there is still the largest chandelier on earth presiding over the tables (though the room is smaller than I remember-- no doubt because I am larger). The exquisite bathrooms? No more. But much of the original feel of the place is still intact.

It's all very weird. It feels... a teeny bit decadent (though these rooms are cheaper than the last hotel rooms I stayed in, in Big City). But it feels like a real vacation. I'm actually kind of excited to be here.

I wonder who got the porcelain sinks with the handpainted flowers?


LittleMary said...

so. wild.

Jane R said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Cool connection. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

neal said...

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Magdalene6127 said...

Good Lord.