Friday, March 14, 2008

The Emperor's Club

I am weary of the all-Spitzer-all-the-time news here, but I do want to say just one thing.

What really bothers me is the whole "Emperor's Club" thing... the name... what it implies.

It implies that once a man gets to a certain level of power, he can buy anything he wants, and he has a right to do that.

It implies that this is a closed society, open only to those with large enough checkbooks and the egos to go with them.

It implies that this is all about power, power, power.

And you know what? This is the political system we have fashioned for ourselves, with the laughable notion that money=free speech. It most certainly does not. We create a system whereby people can only "serve" (I choke on the word in this context) if they have the money and connections to get themselves elected. Then that money and those connections do a number on the psyche and millions of people have to live with the fallout (though none so painfully as one particular woman and three girls).

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he's just a sex addict. Get him a 12-step group and a higher power.

I'm rambling now. Go read something really worthwhile, two posts from March 13, one for fun (of the schadefreude variety) and one for thought. They are here, at the residence of the Rev. Elizabeth Kaeton.

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