Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Year I Was 25

Wyldth1ng tagged me for this meme... to recollect the year I was 25 years old. I turned 25 on April 27, 1986. Just as a refresher, that's the first year "LA Law" was on TV. Reagan was in his second term. Robert Palmer was on MTV with the scrumptious "Addicted to Love" video. Yes, that long ago. Shut up.

1. The year I turned 25 was the fourth year of my marriage, and a year in which I was pursuing a career as a professional singer. This means that I took voice lessons and spent a lot of time alone in my apartment practicing (on Beacon Street in Beantown) while my husband spent a lot of time at his law firm. I was very lonely. But there were nights in Cambridge listening to jazz. There was the unfettered freedom of being able to stay out as late as we wanted. And I think we were really in love. Which is kind of cool.

2. Because we lived in the city, we had one car which we hardly ever used; we walked most places; my husband commuted to his job (he was an attorney in those days) by foot.

3. We had a landlord who was a commercial airline pilot. He would be out of town for several days at a time. While our apartment was really nice (old building, high ceilings, fireplaces in both the living room and the bedroom), our landlord was kind of absent-minded. He would forget to have oil delivered for the heater. We would have no heat until he got back into town. That wasn't so good.

4. On Valentine's day, near the end of my 25th year, my husband and I decided to try to have a baby. A few weeks later I was touring with a choir as their soloist; we had a gig in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was singing the alto solos in the Vivaldi "Gloria." While we were in Puerto Rico I drank a lot of rum, and we went swimming under a waterfall in the rainforest.

5. Naturally, the whole time I was swigging rum and cavorting under waterfalls, I was pregnant with Larry-O.

All in all, a pretty good year.


Iris said...

That was a good year.

It's strange, I'm only in my 30's, but my 20's seem 100 years ago.

Barbara B. said...

professional singer -- how cool is that?!
that was an awesome year!

Pastor Peters said...

so would you say that 25 was a signficant year? i'm not sure i can say that even if it was 4 years ago.

Wyldth1ng said...

You are are a very cool lady. I am so happy you did this.

Diane said...

great remembrances. I need to do this, too.

Jane R said...

Thank you! That was fun and a great way to know you a bit better, and I hope you enjoyed the reminiscence.

Let's see... Oh my, it was 1977. We had all just voted for Jimmy Carter the year before. I discovered Saturday Night Live that year. I was driving a VW bug with a rebuilt engine -- no wait, I think I had totalled it by then and was driving a used VW Fastback. I threw a garden party for my 25th (was renting a tiny carriage house from nice landlord and landlady who had a gazillion children and a big lawn) in May. And I went to Moscow in June. And Leningrad, the once and future St. Petersburg.

Then I moved to Wisconsin.

Magdalene6127 said...

Thanks everybody! This was a fun one.

Iris, it seems close to me... for years I felt closer to college than to 40 (and now I'm closer to 50!).

Barbara, I did that for about two years, between time as a health care administrator and the birth of Larry-O. Then I started on the ministry path.

Pastor Peters, yes I would say it was a significant year for me, definitely.

Wyld, it's a great meme... thanks for tagging me!

Jane, Moscow, Leningrad/ St. Petersburg... and Wisconsin! How long did you live there? You are truly a woman of the world.

Oh, I forgot to mention. The picture? That's what I looked like. Really. That's me. Yes. Really.

Jane R said...

I lived on Long Island in 76-77, and went to Moscow in June of 77, if I remember correctly. Then I got another job (both were in campus ministry but the second was at a university parish, so it was a combo campus and parish)and moved to Wisconsin in the late summer of 77, and lived in Madison for three years, 77 to 80. Then I moved back to my old divinity school stomping grounds of Boston and stayed there 15 years, 80 to 95. Stability. Sort of.