Saturday, July 21, 2007

Come One, Call All Magdalene Preachers...

In the spirit of the 11th hour preachers party... and meaning neither disrespect nor usurping... how are those sermons on Mary Magdalene coming?

Someone deleted her comment, and I'm sorry for that... in fact, her comment sent me off on an entirely new direction, using the Mark 16 version of the resurrection story instead of the John. I believe she said it was the scripture for evensong... What excites me about this passage is the fear and amazement with which it ends... I know, there's more to it, but most scholars believe that was the real, original ending... which leaves the hearer/ reader to write her or his own. Anyway, I wrote nearly a whole sermon on it yesterday, and now find I am sorely tempted to re-write it in first person. Sorely tempted.

So, any of you who are so share your thoughts!

Oh, also, a word about the He-Qi image: I have resisted using this image because I felt it played into the whole "Mary Magdalene was one of those who anointed Jesus/ was a sinner/ was a prostitute" misunderstanding. But I have read this week about Mary being called "Myrrh-bearer"... was that in the deleted comment as well? This excites me no end. Also, I think in our efforts to dissociate her from the "sinner/ prostitute" angle, we risk going too far and saying "she was NOT a sinner," which, of course, is entirely un-scriptural (you know, because we all are). And it has been pointed out to me that a lot of organizations for which that was a part of their understanding cling to it because it is such a very great comfort to see such faithfulness born of a less than perfect disciple. So... theological and scriptural and pastoral reasons for me to use this gorgeous image at last.


cheesehead said...

I'm not preaching the Magdalene text, but I just wanted to say again that He Qi is still my favorite artist,the only one besides Van Gogh (and an artist in my congregation) whose work is all over my office.

[He was artist-in-residence at my seminary while I was a student there, (after I had met in Nanjing) and gifted the school with some of his original paintings.]

This is a beautiful image, and one I hadn't seen yet. Thank you for that.

Jan said...

Lovely, lovely picture. Thank you. Since I'm not ordained, I'm not preaching either.

Jane R said...

Sorry I'm late. But there's a bonus: two sermons up at Acts of Hope, my blog. Thanks for yours, Mags!

P.S. Jan, non-ordained people do preach -- even in Catholic churches (where I preached for years, even decades, before heading for the Episcopal fold with my vocation to ordained ministry). Listen to your call, whatever it is. Blessings!

Diane said...

He-Qi has a good image for Mary and Martha too...