Monday, August 10, 2009

And on the other...

There's this. (Frank Rich's Sunday piece on whether President Obama has in fact sold out to corporate interests regarding health reform.)

And this. (The Los Angeles Times report that the administration plans, not more, but less environmental cleanup of toxic waste sites than the Bush administration.)

Then there's the whole gay thing.


There's a part of me (the grown up part that understands about delayed gratification) that says: the man inherited a mess of catastrophic proportions, and we just have to give this work time. And I get that. But a part of me (the part that wants dessert before dinner, OK???) begins to have
the sneaking suspicion that, in the name of obvious successes, he will make Faustian bargain after Faustian bargain, until what many liberals have suspected will be proved true: that there is, essentially, no difference between Democans and Republicrats, and everything is determined by the money of lobbyists, and the whole damned thing is so rigged there is no hope.

And he campaigned on hope. And I believed him. (After I got over, you know, the loss of that other dream.)

On the other hand, there's this. Thank Godde. And Yay. And 'bout damned time.

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uh huh. pretty much.