Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blessed Ash Wednesday!

I started my day early today in honor of the season... up earlier than Petra (which really confused and alarmed her... she wondered if her clock was an hour off) for prayer and scripture (not quite enough time for meditation; Petra was soon downstairs making her breakfast).

I love Lent nearly as much as I love Advent. I love the regular return of these seasons that ask us to pause and try to live into our faith in a slightly different way.

Last night as I was working on my meditation for this evening's Ash Wednesday service, I read through some of my previous offerings for the day. All in all, I like the fact that I managed to work both Jonah and Lynette Scavo into this particular Ash Wednesday sermon....

This evening our church begins a Lenten series with a double focus: worship each week with a different flavor of music, and a series of meditations on prayer. My goal is to actually provide a kind of take-home bulletin insert on various methods of prayer each week. I'm kind of psyched about it. The music is also exciting: tonight we will use music of Jacques Berthier (Taize) almost exclusively. Yeah.

I do have a concern though. Every time I read an older sermon I get the feeling they're so much more fun and interesting than the ones I write now. I mean, Lynette Scavo! For heaven's sake.

Why could that be do you suppose?

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Iris said...

I've read your more reccent sermons and they are stellar, timely and very interesting. I mean, you preached a brave, powerful sermon on torture not too long ago!

Besides, Desperate Housewives isn't near as interesting these days!