Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Year In Sentences

As cribbed from Sarah's blogs... the story of my year, using the first sentence of the first post of each month. I must say... it's an odd little collection of fragments of thoughts. But... it made me laugh, putting it together.

Here's to a more grammatically interesting 2009!

January: I am just back from my time in Disney World with Larry-O and Petra... I mean, just back... in the house under three hours, the laundry is spinning, and I'm madly filling out health forms, writing absence notes, and watching the needles fall from the week-neglected tree.

February: I personally would not have said a word about bodily functions.

March: Do you know what it is to be thirsty?

April: It is a peculiar characteristic of my little part of the world that people come, and they never leave.

May: That's right.

June: I'm wondering if any of you have read this article, from last Sunday's New York Times magazine (5/25): "Exposed: What I Gained-- And Lost-- By Writing About My Intimate Life Online," by Emily Gould.

July: I have had several moments in ministry in the past week during which a little part of my psyche whispered "Blog this!"

August: She's home... upstairs, sleeping in her bed, after giving me an hour of the highlights of her 20 days away.

September: "The McCain camp didn't realize how hard it still was to convince voters to vote for a woman."

October: Tuesday night saw Petra, BFF and myself driving more than two hours away to see Teh Girls in concert... my fourth time, Petra's second, BFF's first.

November: There’s nothing like your body ceasing to function the way it normally does to make you to focus all your attention on bodies.

December: I have stumbled into Advent not really prepared.


Sarah S-D said...

ooh... your sentences really tell a story! thanks for playing. love you.

Jane R said...

Great meme. Sarah is right, your sentences do tell a story. Thank you.

I've done the meme over at my place. Very different!