Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vacation Moments

We have shopped... our annual back-to-school shopping now takes place regularly here, at the Jersey Shore, at a fabulous outdoor outlet mall known as "The Walk."

We have been swimming... the bay is fresh and cold, the ocean rough (the Caribbean storms affect us almost immediately), my children I-Love-Lucy-hilarious in kayaks.

We have dined out, at one mom-and-pop Italian restaurant and one spiffy city steakhouse.

We have played... a full evening on the Ocean City boardwalk where, evidently, we are still happy to ride roller coasters, eat Mac and Manco's Pizza and salt water taffy, and end the evening with our traditional ride on the biggest ferris wheel in the world (feels like, anyway).

And now we are fighting... little sibling scuffles, Mom giving the X-ray-eyes of death across the table in the restaurant, grandpop throwing out even extra barbs (for him).

This morning I lay in bed for nearly an hour, thinking through my sermon for next Sunday, when I preach for the call to a new church.

Time to go home.


more cows than people said...

yes, dear, come on home. sounds like a VERY full vacation experience.

i think we're preaching on the same text this week. i begin my study tomorrow. i think you are WAY ahead of me. so... if you want to do any sermon talk this week, i'd be honored.

so excited for the new beginning upcoming for you.


p.s. thanks again SO MUCH for your help on my sermon this week. it went over really well!

Serena said...

ah yes, a little time with folks can go a long way. Blessings as you return home and preach that sermon for the new call.

LittleMary said...

sounds like you are done. can't wait to give a hear to your sermon!!

Amy said...

Oh there's nothing quite like vacation "down the shore" in Ocean City, NJ!

I grew up going there as often as we could convince mom to take us the hour each way. There's nothing quite like Mac and Mancos pizza, kohl's brother's ice cream (peanut butter and chocolate soft serve is my fav!), and hot caramel popcorn.

Welcome home, dear Mags. My prayers are with you as you work on your sermon.

Iris said...

Blessings, Mags!